Customer comments for the Merry Muscles baby exerciser:


"Thanks! Can't wait to get it, please hurry! As a RN and a student getting my Masters in Acupuncture (and former physical therapy aid), this looks like a great jumper that will help strengthen yet not strain my baby's neck/back, groin, etc. Thanks!" S.N., California
"By the way, I can't imagine any baby could be happier with his bouncer than my grandson. It is difficult to persuade him that 20-25 minutes is enough bouncing and that he should be out for a while. He is just six months old and he expresses his disappointment with tears when he has to stop bouncing. It's a wonderful product." M.P., Nevada

"I just wanted to let you know that i received my Merry Muscles jumper yesterday and hooked it up for my 5 month old immediately.  It took him all of about 5 minutes to figure out what he was supposed to do (he loves to jump up and down in my lap while holding him) and he just LOVES it!  I love the product, I am very happy with it's design, but most importantly, how much FUN my baby has in it. He jumped without complaint for an hour!  Thanks so much!!" D.S., USA

"I bought this Merry Muscles exerciser in 1983 for my daughter and now, I'm getting it for her son. From a grand-mother who remembers the good times and knows what is best for her grand-son. :-)"  Guilaine S.P., Quebec


"The exerciser is for my granddaughter and she is really ready for it.  I had one 21 years ago for her mother and it was her favourite thing.  Unfortunately I loaned it out and never got it back.  This new one will get lots of use for a whole new generation.  Thanks for having such a great product."  E.S., Prince Edward Island

"Thank you so much for offering this wonderful product, our special needs 4 year old is going to be the happiest boy in the world! Do you think it is possible it will arrive before Christmas? Thank you so much, is is exactly what we were looking for!!!" E.S., Washington