About Merry Muscles

merrymus.jpgMerry Muscles baby jumper/exerciser is the BEST baby exerciser.

Scientifically designed by an occupational therapist to safely enhance your baby's muscular development, balance, and co-ordination---and for maximum FUN for your baby! For age 2 months and up. Get one for your baby today! You can receive a Merry Muscles anywhere in the world.

  • Baby can exercise or just sit back and relax in comfort. Designed for safety--baby can't climb out!

  • Baby’s weight is supported by buttocks and upper thighs, without pressure on any vital organs.

  • Merry Muscles is set at the correct angle to allow baby to bounce using the soles of his feet (not tip-toes).  This prevents "toe-walking" later--so that baby will walk the proper heel to toe form when he/she begins to walk.

  • Merry Muscles cradles the hips, preventing baby from bouncing with stiff legs and eliminating the possibility of bone or joint injuries caused by impact.

  • This jumper is the only comfortable one for baby boys.  Other jumpers constrict and put pressure on the crotch area and delicate organs, in at least one case the doctor said that was the reason he had to operate on a little boy's testicles.

  • Back section offers full spine and head support, front bib prevents baby from falling forward, or getting tangled in lines.

  • Baby will not slump to the sides like in other bouncers.

  • Soft fabric seat won't cut into baby's legs or make baby sweat like plastic.

  • Washable.

  • The Merry Muscles can be used from age 2 months (when baby has head/neck control) until one of these milestones is reached (whichever is reached first):
    Baby takes steps around furniture.
    Baby’s measurement from top of head to tailbone reaches 21”.
    Baby weighs 30 lbs.

  • Scientifically Designed by an occupational therapist.  One of the physical benefits of the Merry Muscles is that it gets the lymph moving well throughout the body.  This boosts blood circulation and activates the nervous system.  Baby is more alert and responsive.

  • Made in Canada.

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