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Here's what some parents have told us:

"I ordered this item for my daughter in 1983 as a mother, for my daughter's son in 2010 as a grandmother, and now as a godmother.  I think this is the most wonderful present a child could ever have and enjoy so much.  G.S-P., Quebec"

"I borrowed a Merry Muscles for my daycare.  I was very impressed with its design and convenience of style.  My family are all teenagers now.  Baby furniture has come a long way in design in the pat 20 years.  Please send a Merry Muscles...  Sunshine Family Day Care"

"Again, very happy with this Kidalog product! Our baby boy just LOVES this thing. It keeps him entertained for an hour straight and for a 5 month old, that's a REALLY LONG TIME for a baby to be content on their own.
It's design is wonderful in that it doesn't squish them. The metal hoop keeps pressure off their body, and the seat / harness gives them terrific support. If he gets tired, he just leans back and rests. It's FANTASTIC.
Money well spent in my books! A+++ product!"
Thomas Christoph

"My son absolutely loves it. Worth every penny. I would recommend to others A++ " T.T.

"Arrived today, baby loves it, thank you so much!" K.L.

"This is awesome! She loves her Merry Muscles :) and super fast shipping A+++ " A.S.


The best baby exerciser on the market! 

Merry Muscles baby jumper/exerciser is the only baby exerciser scientifically designed by an occupational therapist to safely enhance your baby's muscular development, balance, and co-ordination---and for maximum FUN for your baby!  Quality made in Canada.

  • Baby can exercise or just sit back and relax in comfort. Designed for safety--baby can't climb out!
  • Baby’s weight is supported by buttocks and upper thighs, without pressure on any vital organs.
  • Merry Muscles is set at the correct angle to allow baby to bounce using the soles of his feet (not tip-toes).  This prevents "toe-walking" later--so that baby will walk the proper heel to toe form when he/she begins to walk.
  • Merry Muscles cradles the hips, preventing baby from bouncing with stiff legs and eliminating the possibility of bone or joint injuries caused by impact.
  • This jumper is the only comfortable one for baby boys.  Other jumpers constrict and put pressure on the crotch area and delicate organs.
  • Back section offers full spine and head support, front bib prevents baby from falling forward, or getting tangled in lines.
  • Baby will not slump to the sides like in other bouncers.
  • Soft, washable fabric seat won't cut into baby's legs or make baby sweat like plastic.
  • Designed by an occupational therapist. 
  • One of the physical benefits of the Merry Muscles is that it gets the lymph moving well throughout the body.  This boosts blood circulation and activates the nervous system.  Baby is more alert and responsive.

Comes with screw-in hook to hang from doorframe or ceiling (extra hooks can be ordered). Can be suspended from ceiling or door frame. Comes with enough chain to fit up to a 9 ft ceiling. If your ceiling is more than 9 feet tall, extra-long chain can be supplied upon request (specify ceiling height).

    The Merry Muscles can be used from age 2 months (when baby has head/neck control) until one of these milestones is reached (whichever is reached first):
    Baby takes steps around furniture.
    Baby’s measurement from top of head to tailbone reaches 21”.
    Baby weighs 30 lbs.



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  • 5
    my baby loves this jumper!

    Posted by ash on 13th Apr 2016

    We knew an outdoorsy person that had this bouncer, and decided to try it because it looked so versatile. Our baby loved this from an early age - 3 or 4 months. He would go crazy jumping! We had hooks installed in our kitchen, living room, in our travel van, and we took it camping with us. It is very packable as it folds flat. You can hang it many places if you have a daisy chain and a carabiner to adjust the height. Our child started walking at 8 months, and we swear this gave him the strength to start so early. It was great to give him a safe place to play while I cooked, etc. Really loved this product. Once he was mobile he didn't want to jump very long. He wants to roam free of course. But this was one of our favorite baby items.

  • 5
    love it!

    Posted by Andrea on 7th Aug 2014

    We love this jumper! Junior goes crazy in it and doesn't want to get out. He's 6minths old right now. At first I was worried he might not be as entertained because he likes the music and flashy lights on his jumperoo. In this he can jump like crazy, have a soft landing and spin in circles - awesome! And I know that it's way better on his little hips! He jumps from more of a seated position, not a cloth dangler at all. Couldn't be more pleased, and excited it will grow with him. He is almost 16lbs now, I wish we had started with this one sooner.

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