Funding Sources

Do you need Funding?
Often, relatives, friends, church groups, and community service groups will help if you reach out to them.  

Sometimes health insurance, schools, or government departments, will fund equipment.  

There are also charitable organizations who will help.  The USA ones are listed here first.  The Canadian ones are at the bottom.  

Use your phone book or the internet to search for organizations in your local area that may not be listed here.

Your health professionals may have suggestions for funding.

You will need to contact the organization  directly to give them the details of your request.

In the USA
Easter Seals
Elks Clubs
Kiwanis Clubs
Knights of Columbus (Catholic)
Department of Education (for example, in Missouri, the "First Steps" program)
Muscular Dystrophy Family Foundation
National Multiple Sclerosis Society's Direct Assistance program (California) (Oregon, Washington,Idaho, California) (Northeast Ohio)
In Canada:
March of Dimes
BC Paraplegic Foundation
BC Rehab Foundation
Variety Club (British Columbia)
Easter Seals
Masonic Foundation (Freemasons)
Kiwanis Clubs
Lions Club International
McAdams Foundation (Vancouver Island)
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada
Muscular Dystrophy Canada
Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) for Indigenous people
Paraplegic and Spinal Cord Injury Foundations in the various Provinces