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Kling Klamp for Merry Muscles Baby Exerciser

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The Kling Klamp is a safe, portable door clamp for use with Merry Muscles or other baby exercisers. Attaches to door frame so exerciser can be moved from room to room. Fits door frames up to 5 3/4" thick; there is 3" depth from bottom of clamp to the bolt adjuster. (Ie. if the trim around your doorway is taller than 3", the Kling Klamp will not fit.)  A solution for people who need to mount the exerciser in a doorway without putting a screw into the woodwork. It attaches with a safe vise-style mechanism that clamps securely around the doorframe without screwing anything into the woodwork. The edges of the clamp are covered with a plastic casing to protect your woodwork. This vise-style mechanism is very safe. Cheaper clamps are unsafe because they use springs, which weaken and wear out.
Kling Klamp has been designed and tested for total safety of your baby, and is made from the strongest metals and other components.

Made in Canada.

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